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Nip force and nip profile measurements ia:

  •  UPM Kymi PM9 press section and size press
  •  UPM Rauma PM3 and PM4 press section
  •  Metsä Group Äänekoski Board press section and calenders
  •  Savon Sellu BM1 press section
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski PM2 press section and calanders
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski PM3 press section
  •  Bahia Specialty Cellulose (Brazil) press section and lump breaker
  •  Domtar Plymouth (USA) press section
  •  Inkeroinen BM4 press section and calender, also 3. press (digital hydraulic)
  •  Mondi Tire Kutsan PM1 & PM2 (Turkey) press section
  •  Sonoco Alcore Karhula BM1 press section
  •  Tervakoski PM8, PM11 ja PM12 press sections
  •  UPM Kaukas PM2 press section
  •  Metsä Group Kyröskoski press section and calender
  •  Metsä Group Simpele BM3 calender and sizepress
  •  Thai Paper PM4 (Thailand) calender
  •  Kotkamill Kotka PM1 middle press and calender
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski Twin-wire presses
  •  Metsätissue Mänttä TM10 press section
  •  Enocell Uimaharju PM1 press section
  •  Mondi Dynäs PM6 (Sweden) shoe press profile measurement

Hydraulic audits and tunings

(condition monitoring measurements, problem solvings and optimisations of press section (including shoe presses), dryer section, size press, calender, reel, winder etc):

  •  Kotkamills PM1
  •  Metsä Group Mänttä TM10
  •  Metsä Group Kyröskoski PM1
  •  Metsä Group Kyröskoski PM3
  •  Metsä Group Simpele
  •  Metsä Group Äänekoski Board
  •  Mondi Dynäs (Sweden)
  •  Mondi Tire Kutsan PM1 (Turkey)
  •  Mondi Tire Kutsan PM2 (Turkey)
  •  PowerFlute Savon Sellu
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski PM2
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski PM3
  •  Stora Enso Anjalankoski PGW
  •  Stora Enso Inkeroinen board
  •  Stora Enso Oulu PCM7
  •  Stora Enso Veitsiluoto PM2
  •  Thai Cane Paper PM2 (Thailand)
  •  Thai Paper PM4 (Thailand)
  •  Thai Paper PM5 (Thailand)
  •  UPM Jämsänkoski PM5
  •  UPM Kaukas PM2
  •  UPM Kymi PM8
  •  UPM Kymi PM9
  •  UPM Rauma PM2
  •  UPM Rauma PM3
  •  UPM Rauma PM4

Tension measurements renewals:

  •  Savon Sellu BM1 2. press felt tension measurement system designing, delivery, installation and start-up
  •  Myllykoski Paper SC41 & SC42 paper web tension measurement system designing, delivery, installation and start-up
  •  Stora Enso Oulu PM6 wire tension measurement system renewal
  •  Stora Enso Inkeroinen BM4 tension measurement system designing, delivery, installation and start-up

Fabric stretcher tests and tension optimisations:

  •  Kotkamills Kotka dryer section
  •  UPM Kymi PM8 dryer section variable-angle stretchers
  •  UPM Rauma PM2 dryer section
  •  UPM Rauma PM3 press and dryer section
  •  UPM Rauma PM4 press and dryer section
  •  UPM Jämsänkoski PM5 dryer section
  •  StoraEnso Oulu PM6/PCM7 stretcher motor change, test and tuning
  •  Thai Cane Paper BM2 (Thailand) wire section
  •  Savon sellu BM1 winder paper web tension measurement tuning

Steam box and electromechanical actuator services

  •  UPM Kymi PM8
  •  UPM Kymi PM9
  •  Thai Paper PM5 (Thailand)
  •  UPM Rauma PM4 services and renewal of cooling air piping
  •  Actuators serviced over 100 pcs. (STC-900, EMA1000, EMA15)

Doctor surveys, services and alignments:

  •  Stora Enso Kvarnsveden PM12 (Sweden)
  •  Stora Enso Inkeroinen BM4
  •  Tervakoski PM8

Reel tunings:

  •  Thai Paper PM4 (Thailand)
  •  Thai Paper PM5 (Thailand)
  •  Thai Cane Paper BM2 (Thailand)

Alignment measurements and adjustments:

  •  Thai Cane Paper BM2 (Thailand) wire section alignment (including alignment to rolls, doctors, shafts, suction boxes and ceramics)
  •  Kotkamills Kotka PM1
  •  Savon Sellu BM1 (tension measurement roll)
  •  Stora Enso Inkeroinen BM4 (tension measurement roll)

UPM Kymi:

  •  SymSizer -size press loading system modernization from traditional pressure controlled loading system to Rexroth HNC -controller and regel valve controlled position- and force control loading system
  •  WinRoll -winder hydraulic system upgrade to improve runnability
  •  Press section loading valves upgrade

Metsägroup Äänekoski Board:

  •  Küsters-calender (two different units) hydraulic loading system modernization to removal closing and control problem
  •  Press section hydraulics customer training

Metsägroup Kyröskoski:

  •  Coating station loading system test
  •  Winder hydraulic problem solving
  •  Machine line guides testing and tuning
  •  Reel hydraulic measurement and problem solving

Savon Sellu:

  •  3rd press nip rolls' speed difference measurements and checking of loading system
  •  Modernization of 2nd press linear load measurement and panel meters
  •  Headbox slice lip measurement

Efora/Stora Enso Veitsiluoto:

  •  Shoe press zone control valves' condition monitoring measurements and changing and tuning of valves